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Up and Down couple of days

by Waka Racing | 27/10/10

Morgan at work on the bow

The last two days have been an up and down couple of days for us at the Asian Championships. The performance has defintely been on the up but the weather has unfortunately not played ball.

Since we last reported in we have only lost one race with the rest being solid victories, placing us on top of the leader board.

Our only slip up came once again when we raced Dave Gilmour and his team. This was a frustrating one as we did really well in the prestart dealing with a difficult port prestart entry to take control. However we came unstuck when we tried to get a little too tricky, slowing down along the obstruction line. Here we tried to trap Dave but he ended up on Starboard and us on Port, which was not ideal. We wore the penatly but Phil did a great job of realising we were now both late for the start and lead back to the line convincingly winning the start.

From here we nailed the first beat building up a huge lead and should have wiped off our penalty then and there. However a bit of a brain explosion occurred and we decided to keep going.

This cost us as we got tangled up in the fleet in front and Dave was able to close in on us enough to stop us from completing our penalty in time. We fought hard in the end nearly having a good crack at him but he did well to keep clean. This was a really frustrating race to lose as we felt we had the wood on Gilmour and his team.


However we did not let this get us down and we built on our performance going through today. Unfrotunately the wind had enough and this afternoon the water completely glassed off, ending any hope of racing.


So tomorrow we still have two races to complete the Round Robin. We need to win both to top qualify and enble us to choose our semi final opponent. So tomorrow we hope the wind comes to the party so that we can get through the whole format and have some good racing on the final day.


Stay tuned,


Waka Racing

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