4th in Sweden - Next stop Chicago

by Waka Racing | 10/07/12

Phil letting rip at the umpires!

We have just finished a fun week in Sweden with another top 4 finish in a WMRT event.

Unfortunately the last day did not seem to go the our way with a very dubious umpire call going against us after we had completely nailed Peter Gilmour in the start. The umpires later apologized for the mistake but it left us in a difficult situation 2-1 down. Unfortunately for us in the next match Peter and his team sailed very well and finished us off to take the Semi's 3-1.

The day didn't get much better for us after being 1-0 up in the 3rd/4th play off, we just couldn't manage to finish off Ian Williams. This left us finishing a deflated 4th.

However this is not a bad result as apart from the last day we still sailed very well. Luckily enough we can rectify this and get straight back into competing as we have just arrived in Chicago for the next WMRT event. This is a favorite event for our team as we have sailed here a number of times and really enjoy coming to the city of Chicago.

Racing starts tomorrow with kick off scheduled for 10am (local time)

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