Monsoon Cup


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Rules and Strategy

Umpires at work unfortunately for the blue boat

General Rules

When the wind comes across the sides of the boats in opposite direction, the boat with the wind on the left (port) side gives way to the boat with the wind on the right (starboard) side.

When the wind comes across the same side of the boats and there is no overlapping, the boat behind (astern) must keep clear.
When the wind comes across the same side of the boats and there is overlapping, the boat on the leeward (downwind) side of the other has the right-of-way.

Umpires follow each race and make instant penalty decisions. A boat (colour flag on back) with a penalty (coloured flag on umpire boat) must do a 360-degree penalty turm before the finish.

Visit Appendix C of the ISAF's Racing Rules of Sailing to view the rules for match-racing.


The start is critical: A 5-minute gun signals the beginning of an intricate, furious pre-match duel, with the two boats engaging in a furious one-on-one battle to gain the leading position on the race course.

Windward Leg: On the course the boats commence an upwind battle; the lead boat spilling turbulent air off its sails to slow the boat behind. Furious tacking is likely to ensue with the latter trying to force a crew error to rob their aggressor of the advantage.

The end of the first windward leg provides an opportunity for the trailing boat to seize the edge by creating an inside overlap within two lengths of the mark, forcing the lead to allow room which usually means relinquishing its place.]

Downwind Run: On the downwind run the trailing boat has a chance to attack from behind, positioning itself so it's spinnaker casts a wind shadow over the leader. To escape, the boat may gibe away, creating heart-pounding onboard action - and spectacular sailing - as each crew furiously swings spinnakers from side to side.

Dropping the Spinnaker: At the bottom mark the same overlap rules apply and the action intensifies as crews drop the spinnaker and prepare the boat for the next leg while the skipper jostles for position.

To the Finish: Once more around the course and the battle is over. Often the winner is not determined until the final few boat lengths.

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